Totally Awesome Sand Castles

Having spent the last fortnight sunbathing on the beach with my family and helping build sand castles with my little boy, I was inspired to write this little post about some awe-inspiring sand castle designs that I have recently seen. It brings back memories of childhood. Filling your little plastic bucket with sand, giving it

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Realistic Baby Woodland & Fantasy Toy Animals

At first glance you may think these cute and furry plush toys are real. A collection of cuddly baby pandas, tigers, mythical baby unicorns and cloud lambs which all lovingly hand made.They were created by the Artist Wood Splitter Lee aka Lee Cross who is a very talented sculpting artist who comes from Alaska, USA.

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People in Funny Poses with Statues

To some people a visit to your local museum or art attraction may be a fun and enlightening day out. However, certain people may go that extra mile and have a bit too much fun.To show you what I am taking about check out these funny photos of people in funny poses with statues. I’m

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Fantasy Wire Fairy Sculptures

In 1917 two little girls Elsie Wright and Frances Griffiths from Cottingley, Bradford in England took some rather magical photos at the bottom of their garden. The photographs appeared to show the two girls playing with fairies. The photos became world famous in 1920 when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who used them in an article

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Happy Never After – Disney Princesses Domestic Violence Campaign

These powerful poster images by the Middle-Eastern Artist Saint Hoax was created for a ‘domestic violence awareness campaign’. The poster series which includes a collection of Disney Princesses including Cinderella, Ariel, Jasmine and Aurora. The aim of the poster series is to encourage victims to report their cases in order for the authorities to prevent

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The World’s Craziest Vending Machines

To some people in the world these vending machines may not look that crazy, but here in the UK we only seem to have vending machines for snacks like chocolate, crisps, confectionary and hot and cold beverages. Overseas they seem to have so much more variety. They have machines where you can buy items of

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Think Pink! – 28 Items in Glorious Pink

A few months back I wrote the post  ‘Gold Fever – Luxury Items in Gold’, which showcased an exotic collection of items that are made from or covered in gold. Today, I am bringing you a fantastic girly collection of everyday items that are available in bright, bold pink. From the obvious pink clothing and

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Showcase of Unusual Handbags

Continuing on with our fashion theme this month, today I bring you some rather unusual but creative handbag designs. As any fashion conscious person will know that a handbag is one of the most essential and important accessories we could have – It’s like a status symbol and just screams “look at me”. The handbags

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Creative and Unusual Dress Designs

Looking for a new dress for this season? How about a dress made from paper, a dress you can colour yourself with felt tip pens or a dress made from vegetables? Okay they may sound a bit weird but here is a creative and unusual collection of dresses from some of the best fashion designers

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Totally Amazing Bed Designs

There is nothing better than a comfy bed and not being a morning person myself it’s always nice to get a lie in. Unfortunately it is something that doesn’t happen much though when you have young children. We spend a third of our lifetime in bed sleeping so wouldn’t it be nice to have a

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