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If Disney Characters Had a Sex Change

Sakimichan is a digital artist who is based in Canada and she loves to draw fantasy, sci-fi and gender bending. Yes, gender bending, and just to show you what I mean, take a look at these amazing illustrations of Disney character who have had a sex change. You can see more of Sakimichan’s art on

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Stunning Lip Art by Sandra Holmbom

Take a look at these stunning works of lip art all done by Sandra Holmbom who hails from Piteå in Sweden and she absolutely adores makeup and special effects makeup. Sandra says “I´m selftaught and do not work with makeup. It is just something I do because it’s so darn fun!” You can see the

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Extreme Body Modifications

Last year we featured a post 32 Creative Tattoos Designs but today we go even deeper and darker into the world of body art with Body Modification which is the deliberate modifying of the human anatomy. Often done for self-expression, aesthetics, religious practices, group membership, art and even sexual enhancement. Body medication cover a broad

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Amazing Light Painting Photography

The technique of ‘Light Painting’ was first used in 1935 by the photographer Man Ray in a series of work titled “Space Writing”.  The whole trick behind light painting photography is when the exposures are produced in a dark room or at night by moving the camera or with some kind of hand held light.

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Gold Fever – Luxury Items in Gold

When you are fortunate to have so much money and you have everything you ever wanted in life what can you buy next? How about your favourite luxury items plated in gold? How would you like a gold-plated supercar? Or what about a gold-plated iPhone? Some people are obsessed with gold and it has been

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Disney Cosplay Collection

Cosplay which is short for “Costume Play” is where participants create and wear their own costumes and accessories ranging from simple themed to highly detailed work of arts based on characters from anime, comic books, movies and video games. The popularity of cosplay has grown enormously over the years and has become an aspect of

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Beautiful Sky Photography

Some of the best pieces of artwork are not done by human hand but by Mother Nature, and with enough awe-inspiring beauty to make you stop dead in your tracks and stare directly into the big open sky. It really makes you appreciate the world, which you have to admit is one hell of a

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